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National Catholic Makes Available 2023 Annual Report with Included Audited Financial Statements. Click the Annual Report button in the upper right-hand section of the screen to view.
TNCRRG presents the Newsletter for February 2024
Have you checked out the resources available to you on the Tools tab? There is a wealth of information that will help you protect and care for those you serve.
The Critical Conversations TM program is an educational training and prevention program that presents case studies for priests, deacons and lay ministers.


As was announced in October 2023, National Catholic has changed its background underwriting processes for 2024. (Details for this are available from the Spotlight announcement on our home page.) Shareholders and brokers will now not be able to login to the National Catholic portal in order to begin a 2024 renewal or new business submission. We advise to wait until you receive and email from our mailbox. Shareholder and brokers (if you have one) associated with the shareholders will be the ones to receive that email and the communications that follow from Questions about these processes including name updates can be directed to If shareholders and brokers wish to access prior and archived renewal submission information, that information will continue to be available through the National Catholic portal.