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National Catholic Makes Available 2022 Annual Report with Included Audited Financial Statements. Click the Annual Report button in the upper right-hand section of the screen to view.
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2024 Winter Meeting Presentations and Documents Now Available on the National Catholic Website Portal.

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We are pleased to provide you with a copy of our 2022 Annual Report. click here to download

Our Annual Report tells the story of National Catholic leading into 2022, our 35th year. It also spotlights the many ways in which we serve the liability insurance, safe environment, and other risk management needs of the Church in the United States.

In our Annual Report, you will briefly read what National Catholic is all about, particularly our commitment to financial strength. But National Catholic is about much more than a strong set of financial statements; we are about mitigating risk, providing great claims service, and managing our assets for the long term. As part of our risk management services, we continue to take great pride in our VIRTUS® Programs- the set of pre-eminent safe environment programs incorporated by many of the Catholic dioceses, religious institutes, and other religious organizations across the United States.

We also hope you will continue to call on us as needed to purchase, maintain, or expand your liability insurance, access our risk management programs, or otherwise enable your diocese to faithfully serve your ministries this year and beyond.

Thanks for your support of National Catholic.


Dennis H. O'Hara, ARM
President and CEO