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Dear Shareholders & Industry Partners,

Over the past several years, National Catholic has been made aware of a higher than historical number of claims involving bullying and/or hazing. While this article addresses these issues in the sports setting, it’s not unique to sports at all. In fact, given the access everyone has to social media, the opportunity for someone to be bullied, in person or via social media platforms, has grown exponentially. National Catholic feels this is an important topic and will publish a four-part series. Following this article, Ashley will cover Sex and Gender-based Bullying, Cyber Bullying, and finally, Bullying and Retaliation. We hope you find these publications valuable and please share these with anyone you feel should be aware of this information. Creating and adhering to policies and procedures adopted and implemented by you in this area is crucial. Adults simply must do better at observing and listening as these situations are typically well-known amongst the kids involved and within the school. Most troubling is when the adults in charge of these kids are aware, and either turn a blind eye, or support these unacceptable actions because of “tradition.” This simply can’t be tolerated any longer and those who set policies must ensure proper adherence to these policies with serious consequences for those who choose to ignore them.

Our author, Ashley R. Lynam, is a partner at Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads where she advises clients on institutional responses to sex, gender, and race-based harassment, discrimination, and abuse. A former rape prosecutor, Ashley has handled the investigation, prosecution, and defense of high-profile claims involving allegations of misconduct, and counsels her clients on policy drafting, implementation, and risk assessment. Please forward this to anyone within your diocese or organization who may find this information valuable and who has exposure to kids in their daily responsibilities. Please click on the link below to access the full article that begins with this same introduction as above: 2024 February National Catholic Report: Winning is NOT the Priority: Avoiding Liability for Bullying & Hazing on Athletic Teams"

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