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Have you checked out the resources available to you on the Tools tab? There is a wealth of information that will help you protect and care for those you serve.

First and foremost, The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. (National Catholic) has an extremely well established track record of providing a highly effective and stable risk-transfer mechanism for Catholic dioceses, religious communities and institutions.

We also furnish a comprehensive array of outstanding products and services for both our shareholders and non-shareholders. These products and services include:

TNCRRG Crisis Preparedness and Reputation Management Program

The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. (TNCRRG) is pleased to offer our shareholders the services of AKCG – Public Relations Counselors, through an ongoing strategic partnership designed to help you navigate challenging or pivotal moments.

Each of our shareholders is interconnected; a crisis affecting the reputation of one church, parish or diocese can have a resonating impact on every shareholder, simply by association. While some dioceses have the resources to invest in crisis-communications preparedness, many others simply do not. 

                                                                   NO COST TO YOU
As a TNCRRG shareholder, you have 24/7 access to an informed, experienced reputation management team. The initial and continuing consultations are included at no charge to you. However, a longer and more detailed engagement that may be required for certain situations can be offered by AKCG and will be the responsibility of the shareholder.

AKCG is an award-winning agency named one of Forbes’ 200 Best PR Agencies in America (2021), serving organizations across the nation. Regardless of the type of crisis, AKCG will be available to work directly with you to evaluate the risk to your reputation, determine a course of action and prepare initial communications materials, such as a statement for the media. The initial response to a crisis often is the most important, as it demonstrates the organization’s level of preparedness.

 The TNCRRG reputation management program also includes, at no additional cost:
  • Periodic 60-minute webinars offering practical guidance on preparing for crises and issues. The webinars are open to anyone within your organization, and we encourage you to include key administrators in addition to communicators.
  • As-needed interview preparation to counsel member providers’ spokespersons in advance of an interview, whether proactively planned or crisis oriented. AKCG’s expert media trainers will be available to ensure your spokespersons are goal-oriented, message-focused and prepared in advance of a media opportunity.
  • A comprehensive crisis communications plan to enhance shareholder preparedness in the event of a crisis or issue. The crisis communications plan acts as a roadmap to guide communications during the first few hours of a crisis. New scenario-based roadmaps are delivered monthly. 

How do I use the service?
Call a representative of AKCG – Public Relations Counselors as soon as you have identified a potential communications challenge. You do not need prior authorization to take advantage of this benefit and doing so will have no impact on your rates. AKCG’s consultants are available to offer counsel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To engage these services, contact or:

AKCG - Public Relations Counselors
Chris Lukach, APR                                                  Tom Logue
CEO                                                                      Director of Crisis Communications
O: 856-866-0411 ext. 115                                       O: 856-866-0411 ext. 118
M: 201-615-5861                                                 M: 609-316-9790                                         

(When you call, Identify yourself as a TNCRRG Member.)

When should I call?
The sooner, the better. The most effective reputation management comes as quickly as possible after the crisis "hits." There is no cost to use the service - no matter how often you use it - So err on the side of caution.


If you have any questions about this benefit, contact Chris Lukach at AKCG, or 856-866-0411 ext. 115.