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Just What Is So Great About TNCRRG Anyway?

There are many very solid arguments that can be made that strongly support the proposition that TNCRRG has indeed produced substantial and significant benefits for its insured shareholders (and in fact, the broader Church) – benefits that go far beyond the mere provision of good insurance. These benefits derive from several circumstances, including:
  1. The fact that TNCRRG’s Board and management recognize their fiduciary duties as stewards of the patrimony of the Church

  2. The fact that TNCRRG is 100% owned by, and exclusively devoted to satisfying the needs of, Roman Catholic organizations

  3. The fact that the TNCRRG Board and its management perceive their roles on behalf of the Church as a ministry of risk management and insurance, ultimately designed to assist TNCRRG shareholder entities with the accomplishment of their spiritual ministries
So what does the TNCRRG “track record” display in this regard? Does it support the existence of the circumstances just enumerated and the associated benefits of ownership?

In its very brief, 29 year history, TNCRRG has:

Stand Alone Achievements
  • The Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA), which is the oldest, largest, independent, international captive insurer industry trade group, awarded TNCRRG the CICA Outstanding Captive Award for 2011.

  • TNCRRG has for many years maintained a full disclosure and complete transparency posture and practice that is not even vaguely matched by any other Catholic insurer or Catholic risk management pool/facility. We are the only such entity that actually publishes our entire Annual Report on our website for the whole world to see. We also freely share a hard copy of our Annual Report with anyone who requests it. Further, because we are required to complete National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reports as an operating risk retention group, our statutory convention statement results are public record.

  • TNCRRG Crisis Preparedness and Reputation Management Program - TNCRRG researched, developed and has underwritten this program with the assistance of a Philadelphia communications and public relations firm - Anne Klein Communications Group, LLC - that represents many Catholic clients. The Program is designed to: train Church personnel in how to prepare appropriate communications/statements prior to a crisis; how to actually communicate the Church's message in a balanced, compassionate, clear and positive fashion; and also, it provides emergency communications support when a diocese or religious community has not prepared well for a crisis that now confronts it. All of this is provided to shareholders free of charge.

  • TNCRRG and Sera-Brynn Cyber Risk Management Program - TNCRRG shareholders have access to outstanding Cyber Risk Management Services -- provided on a very deeply discounted basis -- by our new partner firm, Sera-Brynn.
  • Sera-Brynn is a global leader in Cyber Risk Management specialized audit, advisory and recovery services, with clients that include: Fortune 500 firms; federal, state and local government agencies; financial services and technology enterprises; insurers; large healthcare organizations; law and accounting firms; national nonprofits and not-for-profits; international manufacturers; and the maritime industry.  Sera- Brynn leadership comes directly from the National Intelligence and Military Information Security Community. Sera-Brynn is a certified PCI (Payment Card Industry) Qualified Security Assessor and is also fully certified to perform NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), HIPPA, SOC2, FFIEC, SOX and GLBA audits. Sera-Brynn will provide TNCRRG shareholders a multi-step Cyber Security Audit, involving an External Vulnerability Assessment, Internal Vulnerability Assessment and on-site physical security review. Other available Sera-Brynn services include: Compliance Audits; Penetration Testing; Intrusion Detection; and Incident Response Assistance. And all of this is deeply discounted via Sera-Brynn's exclusive partnership with TNCRRG.
  • TNCRRG and STOPit Program - TNCRRG has established its exclusive partnership with the STOPit program, a ‘cutting-edge’, absolutely innovative and inexpensive technology solution to issues like cyber-bullying, bullying, harassment, intimidation, violation of civil rights, sexual harassment, physical violence, ‘sexting’ and other inappropriate behaviors in school or institutional settings. Once again, TNCRRG negotiated a substantial reduction in the cost of the program on behalf of our shareholders.

These are only a few of the highlights of TNCRRG’s leadership on behalf of the Church. Click the links to the left to learn about other highlights.

All these lead to an irrefutable conclusion: over the last 29 years, no primary insurer, excess and surplus lines insurer, reinsurer (including all of the other Catholic insurers), broker or TPA has done as many excellent things for the Church, in as many different ways, as frequently and consistently, as has The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.!