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TNCRRG presents the Newsletter for June 2024
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Just What Is So Great About TNCRRG Anyway?

There are many very solid arguments that can be made that strongly support the proposition that TNCRRG has indeed produced substantial and significant benefits for its insured shareholders (and in fact, the broader Church) – benefits that go far beyond the mere provision of good insurance. These benefits derive from several circumstances, including:
  1. The fact that TNCRRG’s Board and management recognize their fiduciary duties as stewards of the patrimony of the Church
  2. The fact that TNCRRG is 100% owned by, and exclusively devoted to satisfying the needs of, Roman Catholic organizations
  3. The fact that the TNCRRG Board and its management perceive their roles on behalf of the Church as a ministry of risk management and insurance, ultimately designed to assist TNCRRG shareholder entities with the accomplishment of their spiritual ministries
So what does the TNCRRG “track record” display in this regard? Does it support the existence of the circumstances just enumerated and the associated benefits of ownership?

In its very brief, 29 year history, TNCRRG has:

Education Excellence
  • TNCRRG developed and since 2003 has presented its “Risk Management and Legal Defense Practice Workshops” to dozens of dioceses (with many religious institute attendees present) around the country. At least two of these programs are presented annually, on a regional basis. Representatives of the USCCB Office of General Counsel often participate in this free series of workshops, and the Office of General Counsel has commended TNCRRG for “your leadership on behalf of the Church” in developing this very useful learning platform. Attendees, including many who are not TNCRRG shareholders, regularly and consistently evaluate the program as “excellent” and “highly valuable.” No major industry insurer or TPA has developed and offered any comparable claims management education program.

  • TNCRRG has, for twenty-three years, provided Litigation Planning and Management Program development and implementation assistance to its shareholders – free of charge.

  • TNCRRG has hosted, organized and presented 26 consecutive Annual Winter Meetings, which are open and free to anyone in the Church, and which always incorporate several workshop presentations by recognized experts on insurance and risk management topics of critical importance in the Church. Presenters selected by TNCRRG typically have national – and in some cases – international prominence. Evaluations of the TNCRRG Annual Winter Meetings have historically and consistently been excellent – and frequently superior.

    These are only a few of the highlights of TNCRRG’s leadership on behalf of the Church. Click the links to the left to learn about other highlights.

    All these lead to an irrefutable conclusion: over the last 29 years, no primary insurer, excess and surplus lines insurer, reinsurer (including all of the other Catholic insurers), broker or TPA has done as many excellent things for the Church, in as many different ways, as frequently and consistently, as has The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.!