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Frequently Asked Questions – About Claims

When should I file a report with TNCRRG?

Whenever the claim or the event involves any of the following:
  • Death
  • Traumatic head injury
  • Any injury requiring hospitalization for more than 30 days
  • Injuries resulting in paraplegia and or quadriplegia
  • Partial or total loss of eyesight
  • Third degree burns covering 25% or more of the body
  • Traumatic loss or surgical amputation of any limb
  • Any claim for which the total reserve is 50% or more of the retained limit
  • Any suit or claim first made where the damages demanded equal or exceed the retained limit
  • Any suit or claim, or the commencement of any criminal investigation or prosecution, alleging sexual misconduct
  • Any suit or claim alleging employment related practices violations
  • Anytime you are greatly troubled or unsettled by the circumstances of an event that you feel may ultimately produce a claim

What is sexual misconduct?

Sexual misconduct involves allegations of sexual intercourse, sexual contact, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse or any activity of a sexual nature with a minor or at risk (legally, medically, psychologically or physically disabled) adult, by a clergy member, lay religious, employee, volunteer worker, student teacher, student therapist or independent contractor of the Diocese or religious institute, in connection with activities on behalf of the insured or sexual misconduct by any minor in connection with school-related activities sponsored by or under the supervision of the insured.

Sexual misconduct does not include (1) sexual activity between consenting adults or (2) sexual harassment.

What claims services can TNCRRG provide?

  • Nationwide network of specialized defense firms
  • Risk management services
  • Expert witness and consultant services
  • Educational workshops

Who selects the law firm to provide the defense for the insured?

Although the shareholder retains the responsibility to assign its own counsel, it must provide written details of the law firm it selects, their proposed billing rates and budget.